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Waikinalani farm project
Maui's small aquaponics cooperative needs your help to become a model for food security.

There are 7 billion people on the planet and more every day-- with ever dwindling amounts of fresh water and arable land. We need new solutions. Aquaponics is one of those solutions.

Using aquaponics we can grow food practically anywhere! (Depleted or polluted land, rooftops, deserts, parking lots) Adopting aquaponics can help reduce people's impact on the earth. Imagine if we didn't need to burn more rainforest and fell trees to make space for agriculture? There's enough abandoned lots and concrete pads, old highways, neglected land and fallow spaces to produce bagillions of pounds of produce, if only we could introduce aquaponics! We could see less tilled acres, more wildlife, thriving natural eco-systems and open space.  We can build back our depleted soils AND grow twice as much food, four times as densely, while using 10% of the water of conventional farming. 

So, when we ask for your help, yes we are asking on behalf of our selves -but we are also asking on behalf of our local bees and butterflies. On behalf of the songbirds and salamanders and on behalf of the next generation, so we can start to fix this mess that we find ourselves in.

Local food production ANYWHERE is important. Growing food locally here in Hawaii is so incredibly crucial! We are only a matter of days from starvation if all goes quiet and the ships and planes stop arriving. 90% of our food comes from thousands of miles away. As  Green Acre Organics likes to say, "our food gets to travel more than we do!" If there was an emergency- like another tsunami, earthquake or geopolitical crisis- we could be in big trouble. We rely on oil based transportation to bring us food, in a place with a 365 day growing season. Plus, when we buy our food from across the ocean, it can't  possibly be fresh. To add insult to injury, all the money we spend on this un-fresh food leaves our islands, and undermines a sustainable local economy.

Buying fresh local food changes all that. The food is healthier and so is the economy. Please help us help Maui be a stronger more resilient community!

Who We Are 

Malio grew up on his mom's farm here on Maui. He also happens to be a technological wizard and a ridiculously hard working fella. He built our dual axis solar tracker from scratch. Malio is the electrician, the plumber, heavy equipment operator and engineer.

Mike has a Master's degree in Ecological Design.  Mike has a magnetic attraction to good ideas and never stops researching them! 

Marina was born to entrepreneurs, has a BA in Ecological Agriculture and is a Certified Permaculture Designer. Marina has lived and worked on many farms and traveled to Africa to teach Ecology to rural villages. 

Our Funding Needs
We've worked really hard to get this far, and we still need about $19,000 to get our half finished farm operating and producing. Here is a quick breakdown of how we will appropriate the funds we receive from you.

$4,100 for the water pump, air pumps, air stones, specialty fittings, filters, piping and valves to plumb it all together. $1,200 to finish construction of our 80 foot long sprouting table. $2,600 for the Organically certifiable plastic liner to line the 2,600 square feet of growing troughs and 512 square feet of sprouting table. $1,500 to bring in electricity. $5,000 in  material to build a 'vegetable only' processing facility so we can offer a 'washed and ready to eat' product. $1,200 to buy the 10,000 plastic net-pots that will hold all the lettuce that float in the rafts. $2,000 in material to construct the 'assembly line' which will be the area where we very efficiently harvest about 300lbs of produce per week, process the rafts and net-pots, then reseed about 2,000 plants each time. We also need $600 for high quality paint to protect the styrofoam rafts and finally $800 in cinders for our potting media, and gravel for the pathways. 

Thank you so very much! Mahalo nui loa!
From our hearts to yours,
Marina, Malio and Mike

Additional Ways To Help

Please spread the word! 

cut n paste      onto your facebook page! This links to our site on greendfunder. (The share button at the bottom of the page just links to the greenfunder homepage.) Tell friends and family about us!  Help connect us with anyone who can help share and support these projects/ideas. Feel free to contact us at

Are you good at promoting? Writing? Making a better facebook page, designing a website? Do you know a school, a retailer or a wholesaler who is looking for organic aquaponic greens? Let us know!
101% of $1,800.00 goal pledged by 27 funders
This project was funded on Jul 29th, 2011
Personalized thank you e-mail with photos
Contribute $5.00 or more
We'll send an e-mail with behind the scenes photos of our farm, and our heartfelt thanks.
0 funders
Farm tour
Contribute $10.00 or more
Come down for a tour of the aquaponics operation. Taste the lettuce and feed the fish! Plus we'll send an e-mail with behind the scene photos of our farm, with our heartfelt thanks.
4 funders
Custom mix of Island sounds CD
Contribute $25.00 or more
An exclusive compilation for our green funders. Smile, shake and groove to the best beats of the Pacific. Plus a personalized e-mail with behind the scenes photos of our farm.
6 funders
Organic custom comfy T-shirt
Contribute $75.00 or more
Made from organic cotton, hemp or bamboo featuring artwork representing our farm. (Specify S, M, L, XL) Plus the Island Sounds CD and a personalized e-mail with behind the scenes photos of our farm.
5 funders
10,000 Points
Contribute $300.00 or more
With 10,000 Points....
0 funders
Small Aquaponics DIY Plans
Contribute $300.00 or more
We'll send you detailed plans to build an 80sqft system just like ours. Includes materials list and operations guide. Island Sounds CD, custom comfy organic t-shirt and a personalized email with behind the scenes photos of our farm.
2 funders
33,333 Points
Contribute $1,000.00 or more
With 33,333 Points....
0 funders
Small Aquaponics Custom Kit
Contribute $1,000.00 or more
We will send you our Waikinalani Farm custom aquaponics kit. Source the fish at your local pet store, we take care of the rest. Enjoy fresh produce in an easy to use tabletop system! Includes the small aquaponics system DIY plans, Island Sounds CD, custom comfy organic t-shirt and a personalized email with behind the scenes photos of our farm. Please add $30 for shipping in the US and $60 for international.
0 funders
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