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All Together Now
A cleaning company that believes 'GREEN' is being an activist for the environment, the community and our passions. The GQ uniquely targets today’s multi-hyphenate woman and our fellow conscious entrepreneur. Read on...
Who is The Green Queen?

The Green Queen is a conscious company focused on residential cleaning, organizing and maintenance uniquely targeted toward today’s multi-hyphenate woman. Not only do I want to make a difference in individual homes, but I want to make a difference in my community and the world as well. In the paragraphs below you will read "Green Queen in the House" it highlights my home-cleaning side; "Bringing GQ to the streets" highlights my activism and community projects I am participating in; "Our Good Green Intentions" talks about what I need the funding for and what will happen if I do or do not receive it; "Show Me the Green" is the itemized breakdown of what the monies you donate will be used for; and lastly, "Psst..Spread the Word" is my request that keep this going! Pass it around to family and friends. Trust me, EVERY little bit and EVERY one helps. You will find my contact and social info at the end. 

I believe that true royalty is not to be served but to serve humanity, and thus enters The Green Queen. 

Green Queen in the House!

Today's multi-hyphenate woman

 includes the frenzied businesswoman, the overburdened mom and many others. My aim is to bring valued clients and their loved ones back to their center by relieving them of their domestic burdens through the use of nontoxic, eco-friendly cleaning materials and practices. I am dedicated to improving the world- our shared living space- by restoring order to yours. 

The Green Queen was created and officially launched by me, Juanita Chase, in January 2009. I wanted to create a self-propelled business that would give me the flexibility and income I needed to pursue a career in the arts. With deep-seated passions for social justice, environmental responsibility and artistic expression, my vision was not only to create a business with the sole intent of making money, but also to create opportunities that would benefit others (our clients, employees) and the world.  I want to offer our clients time and peace of mind so that they are able to concentrate on the more important things in life. I personally make all of our own natural non-toxic cleaning products so I know exactly what is going into each bottle and into each home! 

Currently GQ boasts a regular client list of 18 and we're growing, and this was secured with only me as the sole employee, imagine what we could do with more staff! I have outstanding "A" reviews across the board on Angie's List and 10 stellar reviews on Yelp! This business that started as a side job has grown immensely over the last two years because there was a need for quality and conscious work! Now that I have become aware of this demand, I am expanding to reach more people as well as broadening GQ services by further developing our cleaning products and adding more household management services in addition to cleaning.  

Bringing GQ to the Streets! 

GQ makes a difference in our community. This past October, myself and my partner participated in and won the Platinum Participant Award for the 2010 National Foster Care Walk- 'Walk Me Home' Los Angeles. Foster care is a very important issue to us at GQ because we feel that every child deserves a safe and welcoming home. America's foster care system is in desperate need of an overhaul in order to protect and encourage our youth from start to finish as well as transitioning to independence. It is important to us that no matter what your background that every child gets a fair chance at a home and an education.  

 In January 2011, GQ sponsored a very successful stage production titled FATIGUED. The night of two one acts dealt with the issues and effects of PTSD on returning US soldiers as well as the communities that they are coming home to. During the run of the show we collected donations for care packages that were given to one of our co-sponsors, Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude's mission is to send care packages to American Service Members who are deployed in hostile and remote regions of the world. We want to do our part to let our soldiers know they are in our hearts and their sacrifice does not go unrecognized. 

Our Good Green Intentions

With the proper funding in place I will be able to help more people and more communities. Your donation will be helping me to really root GQ in our mission of sustainability, eco-friendly practices, social responsibility and artistic expression. We will have a solid base to operate from allowing me to refocus my attention on the growth of the business rather than the survival of the business. This is a challenge for every small business that has a sole entrepreneur who also doubles as the main operating force behind of all of the business requirements. If this is you, you know what I'm talking about! This start up capital provided by you, will help with the basics of the legal requirements, hiring and training employees and equally important, the marketing. I am seeking to become more established and reputable which will allow GQ the room for growth where I can offer more services in addition to cleaning. Ultimately, I'm working to make GQ an umbrella organization for all home management and maintenance needs. It is my vow that GQ will only work with other true green companies and organizations who share the same vision of Earth responsibility. 

Without these funds, the expansion of GQ will be difficult and slow to obtain. GQ was started on a shoestring budget shortly after I graduated college and moved to Los Angeles. There was very little overhead when I started this company as a small side job and the funds that have been made and saved after paying my minimum survival bills have gone right back into the business. Through GQ I have made some great strides as far as securing clientele and steady income in the past two years, however now as I venture into expansion, the amount of money required is not at my immediate disposal. As a start up company, GQ is trying to remain sustainable and to keep my debt as minimal as possible. I know that there is a need for GQ services, I've listened to my clients and surveyed those around me, I know that I can meet this demand. I just need a little collective assistance. It is my concern that without this financial support that GQ will become stuck and not live up to its full potential or have the opportunity to offer the goods and services to those who will benefit from them. I believe in community and in the power of numbers, and this is why I am reaching out all of my family, friends and other conscious individuals and entrepreneurs to support GQ's mission. 

Show Me the Green!  

The money that I'm asking for is solely for start- up costs. Although I have been operating for two years, I was unaware of the things I needed to be a 100% legal and functioning business and now due to expansion, it has become mandatory. The growth of GQ was unforeseen by me at the time of its inception and now that I see the need and demand, I want to be able to offer it as GQ continues to grow and build. Here is a detailed expense list of GQ's need. 

Legal Fees

300.00 - Los Angeles business permit and taxes
1300.00 - Annual General Liability Insurance including worker's comp for multiple employees
100.00 - Annual Bonding 

Total: $1700.00

Employee Needs

60.00 - Custom Uniforms
350.00 - Cleaning supplies (steam mops, rags, raw materials for cleaning solution, cleaning bottles, bags, gloves, sponges, squeegees)
Total: $410.00


90.00 - Eco-friendly personalized stationary- business cards, post cards, banner
500.00 - Online Commercials, Web series and ads - production, post-production, posting
300.00 - revamping of website to reflect our mission and branding
Total: $890.00

These are the 
minimum costs that I need to give GQ the boost to expand and become a legal operating business. While raising these funds, I will be working overtime on my end. I'll be researching and developing what steps I need to take to become a certifiable green business through the Green Seal and through Green America. Although I only use green practices and products, I want to be recognized and certified as being a legitimate green business.  I will be utilizing resources available to us through the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Center (VSEDC), Green 4 All, SCORE and the SBA.

This April, through VSEDC, I have completed an entrepreneurship training program and a thorough business plan. I now have a viable working business plan and a clear vision for the next steps and an outline of the following two years. 

Any additional funding to the $3,000 we receive here will go directly into research, development and implementing our expansion. We will continue to become an even more successful, certified and conscious business. 

Psst...Spread the Word! 

If you believe in me and GQ's mission and the actions that I'm taking, please let others know! If you can or cannot donate monetarily please spread the wealth by giving this project wings! : ) Tell your family, friends, business associates and anyone you think would be interested in what I'm working towards! Your voice has power and I really appreciate you using it! The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one small step!  
Please feel free to visit, contact and friend GQ at:

twitter: thegreenqueen3

I will be happy to answer any questions and accept any feedback! Thanks so much!

I am very honored to be launching this project with the kickoff of GreenFunder. I think this is such a great project for like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate and lift each other up! Green= social responsibility and environmental consciousness! Help me help GreenFunder so they continue to thrive!  Use GreenFunder's sharing tools located right here on this page!  
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You'll get a credit on our web-series as a producer AND The Green Queen herself will lend her professional touch to your home by cleaning and organizing your space! This is only available to places GQ travels- Los Angeles and surrounding as well as the DC metro area (those on the east coast will have to wait for her next arrival)
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GQ is open
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Any donation you make will be overly appreciated and we are flexible if there is a green queen product that you really want and it is not listed or is in the lower amounts, let us know and we'll work something out. Thank you for all of your support!
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