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Foré Bamboo
We partner with Haitian community organizations to plant and maintain non-invasive construction grade bamboo. This bamboo can then be used to relieve the housing and environmental crises in Haiti.

About Developing Bamboo

On our first trip to Haiti, two huge problems were very striking: the urgent need for housing, and the barren, deforested hillsides. In an effort to contribute to Haiti’s long-term sustainable development, this bamboo project is our foray into tackling both of these massive problems head on. So far, we have planted over 15,000 ft2 of bamboo nursery with four Haitian community partner organizations, and we are planning to ambitiously expand in the coming year.

Our goal is to develop bamboo as a multi-purpose crop to build disaster-resistant houses, slow down deforestation and erosion, and develop the local economy. Our strategy is to partner with local Haitian organizations which can provide land and social capital, and help them with the technicalities of growing bamboo and buildings safe houses. All of the profits – both economic and environmental – will go directly to the Haitians in the community.

Why Bamboo?

1. Bamboo is a phenomenal construction material 
Over 1.5 million Haitians in desperate need of shelter. Bamboo is a cheap, sustainable, and locally-sourced building material that can be used to build earthquake and hurricane resistant houses. 

2. Bamboo will help the economy
Because bamboo is incredibly versatile, it can increase farmers incomes, and create jobs in construction, agriculture, energy, etc. This economic incentive is incredibly important to ensure that the project is sustainable in the long term.

3. Bamboo is extremely beneficial to the environment
Erosion, deforestation, and mass extinction are all enormous problems in Haiti. Bamboo reduces soil erosion, provides a multitude of environmental services, and takes the stress off of natural forests, protecting the threatened species within. It is one of the best plants for carbon sequestration, which is extremely important as the impacts of climate change become more catastrophic.

Foundation Seguin, one of our local partners, is committed to protecting one of Haiti's last remaining – and highly threatened – forests: La Visite National Park. Bamboo is already being planted near the shrinking forest to provide an energy alternative to firewood, which is by far the biggest cause of deforestation in the park. We are working to expand Seguin's existing bamboo nurseries, and establish native tree nurseries to help preserve Hispaniola's most critically threatened and biologically diverse habitat.  

Contribute to Developing Bamboo

Your contribution will help build an innovative organization that will be on the ground in Haiti tackling these issues with green solutions. Every cent goes towards a bamboo shoot that will help grow a better future. Money raised will go towards project expenses like buying bamboo planting material, fencing, labor, and transporting the bamboo. In addition, we are more than happy to create custom orders to suit your needs. Prices do not include shipping. For more information, check out

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